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Rediscover the Colors of the World

The main goal for The COLOR Program was to help children see colours beyond their mere labels. By exposing children to the social dimension of colours, the program inspires them to rediscover the colours of the world.

Based on a true story of the Candoshi culture which have no words for colours, “Colour Language” teaches an alternative way for children (and even adults) to describe colours through its context. Each set is coupled with a guidebook for parents or facilitators, and playable booklets consisting of 2 shapes in red – a circle and a square. The shapes and colour act as an ambiguous stimuli as to what object it can be when placed against different backgrounds. Try varying the shapes with distances, angles and even placing them against real environments around you – “Colour Language” opens up unlimited imagination and hours of fun!

This project is awarded with Golden Pin Design Award 2022.



Width: 15.5cm
Height: 2.7cm
Length: 21cm


The “Colour Stories” currently only comes about Yellow. Other colours may occur in future.

Ages: 6+
Play Duration: 1 to 2 hours
Duration with Extended Activities: 6 hours
Water not included.

About the Artist

“Today is the youngest I’ll ever be”

About Stacey Yip

Stacey graduated from the Division of Industrial Design in the National University of Singapore in 2020.  “Today is the youngest I’ll ever be” is a mantra she often uses to keep that child-like curiosity close to her. With this mindset, she realises life isn’t actually that complicated – there is always room for play even in serious situations. Her approach to design is rooted in this belief which made her strive to add a little bit of fun and delight in her projects wherever possible!