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In Praise of Flowers


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A Tribute to Cut Flowers

Cultural symbolism, myths, legends and stories told over the centuries give flowers a poetic aura that goes beyond words.

In Praise of Flowers – A tribute to flowers’ sacrifice

This book contains the stories of all nine flowers and vases that made up the In Praise of Flowers Collection. Each chapter in the book is dedicated to each flower and their corresponding vase, revealing the historical stories, symbolisms, archetype and needs of each flower.



Width: 26cm
Height: 10cm
Length: 23cm


104pp, Softcover

ISBN 978-981-18-4796-7

About the Artist

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. Stepping into her universe will take you into an uncluttered zone of tranquil and well-composed design. This embedded consistent human-zen approach in her designs projects a warm and innovative vitality in everything she creates.

Tan Wei Jing

Inspired by the calmness and the beauty of the feline creature, Wei Jing explores the interaction between a play of negative spaces, geometric shapes, and bold wireframes. From hand-held products to furniture pieces, Wei Jing presents work characterized by modularity and her strong style of simple serenity. In her pieces, she never forgets to guide the audience to think and allow them to engage their imagination. She strongly feels that when someone looks at a piece designed with a bold composition of negative shapes, the viewer can effortlessly grasp and appreciate the design.