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Naked Dance – 50ml


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Liberty to be one’s true self when no one is watching.

Naked Dance is an olfactory impression of our lives at home, where we jazz through space filled with our attachments, memories and comforts in bliss of intimate liberty to be ourselves. It is warm, sensual perfume with milky, woody and powdery notes that live as a second skin.

Extrait de parfum

Top Notes: Orange Blossom, Begamot, Green tea

Middle Notes: Rice, Clay, Lily, Iris, Drop of Turkish rose

Base Notes: White musk, Sandalwood, Vetive, Guaiax wood oil, Incense oil

Cap is made of mixed wooden scarps encapsulated with epoxy resin.

About the Perfumer

We see beauty of imperfections: raw corners, untouched nature, exposed structure, technical details from behind the scenes. As it is, messy, pure and artistic.

About Oddity

Oddity is a contemporary niche perfume house led by a design collective. Our perfumes inspire with a unique interplay of visible and invisible arts, awakening emotions and associations with the right energy to act and create.



Width: 50cm
Height: 170cm
Length: 90cm


Cap is made of mixed wooden scaps encapsulated with epoxy resin, attached with Recycled 100% Cotton Paper Label.
Key Colour: Beige
Each bottle weight is unique due to hand crafted top.


Naked Dance - 50ml

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