Ji Jian Wu

Pi Xiu (貔貅)


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Stories of Each Ji Jian Wu

Inspired by the richness of Chinese Geomancy, the Ji Jian Wu (吉簡物) collection presents a contemporary take on Feng Shui objects that traditionally bring prosperity and blessing.

Pi Xiu (貔貅)

Pi Xiu is a powerful and ferocious protector. It resembles a strong winged lion that wards off evil and is responsible for safety in heaven.

During one of Jade Emperor‘s parties, Pi Xiu ate many treasures and left stools everywhere. To punish Pi Xiu, Jade Emperor removed its rectum and the treasures eaten were stored in his tummy without the ability to pass them out. Thus, Pi Xiu is seen as a sign of protection and a guard of wealth to prevent money from flowing away.

About the Artist

The Ji Jian Wu Collection was privileged to be hand-selected by Wendy Chua and Gustavo Maggio of design studio Forest & Whale and featured as one of the seven designs by emerging Singaporean designers for the Visions of the Future Exhibition from 10th December 2020 to 7th January 2021.

About Qiuxia

Qiuxia graduated from the Division of Industrial Design, National University of Singapore, in 2019. Spending her childhood in China has cultivated her strong interest in her native culture. She likes to integrate secular stories and artefacts from traditional arts into her works. She won the Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2019 with one of her school projects XIAN CHA (现茶), inspired by the traditional Chinese tea set.

With her passion for Chinese culture and Design, she works to find new shapes to transmit her treasured culture to new generations.



Width: 6.8cm
Height: 11cm
Length: 6cm


Hand crafted porcelain and pure gold gilding
Designed in Singapore and made in Taiwan

Ji Jian Wu

Pi Xiu (貔貅)

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