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Oddity Fragrance

Resonant – 50ml


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A perfectionist dream of rhythm, space and sharp curves.

Resonant is a celebration of effortless finesse. It is an ethereal dream of resonating clarity for your inner perfectionist to owe over a pulse of addictive hot iron and ozonic citrus in clean and sharp rhythms.

Top Notes: Yuzu, Mandarin, Bergamotbrute, Ginger, Petit Grain

Middle Notes: Cold metal note

Base Notes: Musk, Guaiacwood, Ambergris

Cap is made of  bismuth metal encapsulated with epoxy resin.

About the Perfumer

We see the beauty of imperfections: raw corners, untouched nature, exposed structure, technical details from behind the scenes. As it is, messy, pure and artistic.

About Oddity

Oddity is a contemporary niche perfume house led by a design collective. Our perfumes inspire with a unique interplay of visible and invisible arts, awakening emotions and associations with the right energy to act and create.



Width: 50cm
Height: 170cm
Length: 90cm


Cap is made of bismuth metal encapsulated with epoxy resin, attached with traditional Japanese paperr label, mirror card.
Key Colour: Silver
Each bottle weight is unique due to hand crafted top.

Oddity Fragrance

Resonant - 50ml

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