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Children’s Storybook Told with Light and Shadows.

Shadows can tell a story, yet they can also be scary, especially for children. What if the narrative ability of shadows was enhanced with a child’s vivid imagination to tell a bedtime story?

Shine is a children’s interactive storybook where the story unfolds only in the dark with just a torchlight as the shadows cast on each page will reveal a part of the story. 

The theme of the story revolves around parental love as shadows have a powerful ability to convey messages which are difficult or too abstract to say in words. Using shadows to illustrate human figures also allow gender, race and age to be kept neutral or open-ended. With this, the story can be read with flexibility according to the context set by the readers. Through Shine, the little readers will be able to see shadows in a different light, and go to sleep knowing how much their parents love them and hope for them to shine.

Shine was awarded with:

  • Golden Pin Design Award 2021 (Taiwan)
  • DFA Design for Asia 2021: Bronze Award (Hong Kong)
  • Good Design Award 2021 (Japan)
  • iF Design Award 2022 (Germany)

About the Artist

The Designer, Ng Zi Ning, was fascinated by how shadows can tell a story simply by using hands or figures like those in Wayang Kulit – a traditional form of puppet-shadow play found in parts of Southeast Asia. With this in mind, she saw the opportunity in combining the narrative abilities of shadows and the imagination inherent in everyone to create a bedtime story that unfolds in the dark.


About Ng Zi Ning

Ever since embarking on an unplanned journey of discovering books as a medium, Zi Ning has been fascinated by what a book can be. With a background in industrial design, Zi Ning constantly draws and re-draws the line between practicality and creativity, reality and fiction. From very pragmatic research, tenacious iterations and conversations with good company, she designs objects that always open imagination.



Height: 17cm
Length: 17cm


Limited fine art print (250 ex)
Designed and Printed In Singapore



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