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The Shape of Flavours

Chinese food is known for its diverse ingredients and flavours. Based on guidelines from Traditional Chinese Medicine, ingredients are categorised according to 5 flavours to promote a balanced diet for good health.

About Wei!

Wei! is a tableware series that gives shape to intangible flavours of food. Each tableware in the series uses form and texture to visually showcase the flavour composition of an iconic dish.

This soup jar is modelled after the Teochew variant of Bak Kut Teh. Form and texture is used to visually express the flavour composition of this local specialty. Sweetness is represented by the ruffles ribbing on the surface, saltiness by the granular texturing, sourness by the twisting of the form, bitterness by the bumpiness and spicyness by the vertical spines.

Wei!’s concept has been supported by close collaboration and discussion with chefs and TCM professionals.

About the Artist

Sheryl’s interest lies in uncovering latent (cultural) habits and exploring how design can give a shape to these intangible rituals or traditions.In recent projects, she has been working on embedding cultural narratives into the design of everyday objects to foster awareness and nurture new perspectives.


About Sheryl Ang

Sheryl graduated from School of the Arts in 2015, and subsequently the Division of Industrial Design in the National University of Singapore in 2020. Influenced by her background in the arts, she finds herself drawn to understanding and designing for people’s emotional, psychological and cultural needs.

As a designer, she values design as a functional tool for storytelling – a way of infusing meaning and delight into everyday user experiences.



Width: 11.5cm
Height: 10.5cm
Length: 11.5cm


This limited edition porcelain is designed in Singapore and made in China.

For Dry Use Only

Wei! Series


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